John Of God


Who is John of God?


“I have never healed anyone. God heals. God and Faith.”

– Joao Teixeira de Faria (John of God)

John of God is a spiritual healer in Brazil who has treated millions of people over the past 5 decades. John of God is a full trance medium who has the ability to channel highly evolved spiritual beings (called Entities) who perform the energy healing work.  The Entities include saints such as St. Ignatius of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits, the Biblical King Solomon, deceased doctors such as Dr Augusto de Almeida and other spiritual masters.   As a full trance medium, John of God has no recollection of the work performed through him during the healing sessions.


John of God was born Joao Teixeira de Faria, to a very poor Brazilian family in 1942. Clairvoyant as a child, he started his healing work at 16 after a vision of St. Rita of Cassia, Brazil’s patron saint of miracles. On her instruction, Joao entered a local spiritual center and immediately incorporated as King Solomon, healing many people who were present there. Despite material hardship and persecution in the early decades of his practice, John of God has dedicated his life to the healing work of the Entities and has never turned anyone away or charged a fee for seeing them.


Numerous documentaries and television shows have been made about the miracles that occur through John of God over the past decade. Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to him in 2010 and came to interview John of God in Brazil in March 2012 and had a profound spiritual experience at the Casa.  Wayne Dyer and Ram Das have also written about their healing experiences with John of God.

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